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Government Of Assam Guwahati Development Department Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority

Master Plan Guwahati 2025

Social Infrastructure 2025

Social Infrastructure includes education, health, recreation, socio-cultural facilities, police, fire, postal services, telecommunication and distributive services. The lower level additional facilities like primary schools, nursery schools,and dispensary are to be provided at the neighbourhood plan level in new development/ redevelopment schemes. The higher order facilities such as general hospital, intermediate hospital, college, integrated schools, school for handicapped, socio-cultural and recreational club, fire and police stations need to be provided at the master plan level. As it would not be desirable to provide individual locations for these facilities, concept of facility centre has been evolved where a group of facilities along with park and play areas shall be provided in areas available for development within GMA. Accordingly, 12 such Facility Centres have been identified on the land use plan to provide for the required social infrastructure. The Facility
Centres are envisaged at three hierarchical levels: City level, District level and Community level.


Primary and Senior Secondary Schools

In 2004, there were 388 primary schools and 101 secondary and higher secondary schools including degree colleges with Classes XI and XII catering to a population of around 8.9 lakh. To cater to the school-level facilities, 70 neighbourhood centres – each to include 2 senior secondary schools and 2 primary schools – are proposed in the existing GMA. Additional required pre-primary and primary schools as per standards would be provided in the detail plans of the
residential developments. The integrated schools and schools for handicapped are provided in the Facility Centres in new developments distributed throughout the city. In case of new towns, in the detail plans, the schools at above standards would be provided.

Higher Education

There are at present 18 Higher Education Institutions, including Cotton College, Guwahati Medical College and Hospital, Assam Engineering College besides Guwahati University and the Indian Institute of Technology. In addition there are three Polytechnics in Guwahati.Additional 16 colleges have been provided in the proposed Facility Centres. Apart from General Colleges, four additional Technical Education Centres have been proposed in Facility Centres No IV, V, VII and IX. One new University campus, including Technical and Professional Colleges, is proposed to be located in Kharghuli NC in Planning Unit 4 with a total area of 230 ha. A new Medical College is proposed on 15 ha land in the proposed Education and Research Hub in Planning Unit 9.


The Norms and Standards for provision of Health Infrastructure in urban areas adopted for CMP-2025 is worked out to provide for 5 beds per 1,000 population and also to result in a balanced distribution of health facilities throughout the city. On this basis, in the year 2025, Guwahati city would have 12,231 beds against 4,847 beds in 2004 by addition of 7,384 beds. Details are available in the Master Plan.

One Speciality Hospital with 500 beds shall be provided in City Facility Centre and a Special Hospital of 500 beds will be provided with Medical College separately in Planning Unit No 9 at Rudreswar village. The other required number of general and intermediate hospitals and nursing homes shall be distributed in various Facility Centres throughout the city.


In the CMP-2025, 5,299 ha area is earmarked for recreational activity at city level. Out of this 5,299 ha area is indicated as recreational use and is part of Composite land use in District Facility Centres and Community Facility Centres.

Major part of 5,299 ha area is around eco-sensitive zone and similar areas. These are Regional/City recreational areas. Two picnic areas are proposed to be located in this. It also includes City level park (60 ha) and City level sports centre (97 ha). A Special Children’s Park at City level is proposed to be developed in the City-level Park.

The river Brahmaputra has a vast and beautiful expanse all along it which makes it ideal for river front development. The River Development Zone has been marked in the existing area along the river. In the areas for new developments, As per CRZ III, a 200 m wide green belt has been marked as recreational green.
The river-front area may be developed based on a landscape plan with seating in part of the area and on the water expanse attractive laser shows could be organised for tourists and for the local population.

Sports Facilities in GMA-2025:

1.City Sports Centre22 lakh971Provided within City Centre
2.District Sports Centre5 Lakh44

Provided within District Facility

3.Community Sports Centre1 – 1.5 lakh18Provided within Community
Facility Centres
4.Neighborhood Play Area15,000180Provided within Neighbourhood


Socio-Cultural Facilities

Proposed Norms for provision of additional Socio-cultural facilities by 2025.

1.Community hall including provision
for marriages, small public gathering,
function, eating joint, and library etc.
Neighbourhood15,0002,000To be accommodated
in Neighbourhood centres
(70 nos)
2.Recreational Club including Music,
dance and drama centre
Community100,00010,000To be provided in Community
Facility Centres (7 nos)
3.District Socio-cultural ClubDistrict500,00015,000To be provided in District
Facility Centres (4 nos)
4.City level Sociocultural CentreCityCity Level40,000To be provided in the City
Facility Centre (1 no)

Marriage and banquet halls each of 0.1 ha, shall be provided one each in the proposed 12 facility centres.


Proposed Norms for provision of Security facilities:

 Police StationCommunity level0.75 lakh1.0 ha
 Police PostCommunity levelFor every Police
0.16 ha
 JailCity levelCity level 

The existing Jail area is proposed to be developed as a multi-use complex with details as given under:

  • Cultural and Institutional: 30% in 2.4 ha
  • Commercial: 30% in 2.4 ha
  • Parks: 20% in 1.2 ha
  • Parking: 20% in 1.2 ha


The following Guidelines are to be followed for locating the Fire Stations and other Fire Fighting Facilities.

  • Fire Stations to be located on corner plots as far as possible and on main roads with minimum two entries.
  • In new layouts for residential, commercial and other developments, concept of under ground pipe lines on the periphery, exclusively for fire fighting services should be considered.
  • Fire Stations shall be permitted in all land use zones except recreational and eco-sensitive zones.
  • In new layouts for residential, commercial and other developments, concept of under ground pipe lines on the periphery, exclusively for fire fighting services should be considered.