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Government Of Assam Guwahati Development Department Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority

Our History

  • The GMDA was established in 1992 as per Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority Act 1985 (amended). It replaced the erstwhile Guwahati Development Authority constituted in 1962 under the Town and Country Planning Act, 1959 (amended). In order to ensure planned development of the Metropolitan area , GMDA has adopted the Master Plan and Zoning Regulations prepared by the Town and Country Planning Department, Govt. of Assam, in 1992 and is now in the process of preparing a new Master Plan and Zoning Regulations.

    As per section 126 of the GMDA Act, with the constitution of this Authority, the relevant section of the GMC Act, 1969 (Assam Act-1 of 1973) ,Assam Town and Country Planning Act, 1959 (Assam Act-I of 1960), Assam Municipal Act, 1956 (Assam Act-IV of 1957) and Assam Panchayat Act 1972 cease to operate within the territorial limit of Guwahati Metropolitan Area.