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Government Of Assam Guwahati Development Department Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority

Master Plan Guwahati 2025

Land Use Zoning

All areas in the GMA have been designated as residential, commercial, industrial, public- and semi-public, recreational, transportation, eco-sensitive zone, composite use I and composite use II. The Composite Use I includes residential, commercial, and public- and semi-public uses, whereas Composite Use II includes residential, commercial, public- and semi-public and industrial (existing) uses. Click on the map below to download it.

Proposed Landuse Break-up in GMA

S. N.Land Use
Area in Ha.
New Towns)

% of

Area in Ha.
New Towns)

% of

2Retail Commercial3601.33%4471.36%
81.30%  417   1.27%
4Industrial518  1.91%   918  2.80%
5Public and
3,270   12.07%   3,606   10.99%
6Composite Use I8143.01%8142.48%
7Composite Use II3001.11%841   2.56%
8Recreation &
Open Space
10Eco-Sensitive /
Eco Friendly Zone

Land Use Permissibility

Index of Use Zones:
R – Residential
C – Commercial
I – Industrial
P – Public & Semi Public
T – Transportation
G - Green Belt (Recreational and Open Space)
E – Eco-sensitive / Eco Friendly
C I – Composite Use I
C II – Composite Use II

S. N.Land UsesUse Zones in Which Permitted
 1Airport, Helipad, Flying Club         
2Art gallery, museum, exhibition centre    
3Auto Supply store and Show room
for motor vehicle and machinery
4Automobile service and repairing station       
5Bank and Safe deposit vault  
6Bird Sanctuary       
7Boarding or lodging house    
8Botanical garden        
9Bus Depot     
10Bus Terminal       
11Canteen and eating house
serving the industries
12Cemetery, crematorium,
burial ground, electric crematorium
13Children Traffic Park       
15Clinic for pets    
16Clinical Laboratory     
17Club house not conducted
primarily as business
18Club house or other recreational
activities conducted as business
19Cold storage and ice factory       
21Commercial/ business Offices 2      
22Community hall & welfare centre   
23Contractor plant and storage for
building material
24Convenience Shopping Centre      
25Convention Centre        
26Cottage, Handloom and
Household Industries 3
 28Crèche & Day Care Centre         
 29Cultural and Information Centre         
 30Customary home occupation       
 32Diary and poultry industry         
 34Dry Cleaners-cleaning and dyeing         
 35Educational and research institution         
 36Electric Sub-station         
 37Existing Village 4         
 38Fair Ground         
 38AFarm House n1         
 39Film studio 5         
 40Fish curing 6        
 41Flatted Group Industry       
 42Flood control work  
 43Forensic Science Laboratory      
 45Gas Godown       
 46General Industries 7         
 47Golf course         
 48Green house     
 50Health Centre         
 52Hostels for educational institution         
 54Indoor Games Hall         
 54AIntegrated Township 14      
 56Junk yard 8         
 57Local, Municipal, State or
Central Government office
 58Mechanical workshop with lathes,
drills, grinders, spot welding set
 59Medical, eye and dental
practitioners' clinic
 60Monument 9 
 61Motor Driving Training Centre         
 61AMotel n2        
 62Municipal facility
(as listed in Annex VII)
 63Music, dance, drama training centre       
 64Neighbourhood Shopping Centre-
convenience & local shopping with
vegetables, fruits, flowers, fish and meat.
 65Night Shelter   
 66Nursery, Horticulture and Orchards     
 67Nursing Home      
 68Oil Depot 10         
 69Open Air Theatre      
 71Park, play ground, playfield
and recreational area
 72Personal Service Shop     
 73Petrol filling station    n3   
 74Photograph studio and laboratory       
 77Police Headquarter and Police Lines         
 78Police Station, Out Post
and Fire Station
 79Post office, Telephone Exchange,
Telegraph Offices
 80Professional office of a resident of the premise 15        
 81Public library         
 82Radio broadcasting studio         
 83Railway Station         
 84Reformatory (Juvenile Home)        
 85Refinery 11         
 86Religious Place like temple, namghar,
mosque, church etc
 87Research and Development Centre         
 88Residence cum Work Plot         
 89Residential Dwelling         
 89A Residential Dwelling Low Income Group 14, n4               
 90Residential Plot- Plotted Housing         
 91Restaurant, cafeteria, milk bar         
 92Retail Shop 12         
 93Satellite and Telecommunication Center         
 95Service Centre         
 96Sewerage treatment plant         
 97Social, cultural and religious institution         
 98Specialised Park/Ground         
 99Sports Training Center         
 101Storage of petroleum and other
inflammable materials
 102Storage, Warehouses and Godown         
 102AStorage of Processed Food & Diary
Product Consumer and stationery article
 103Swimming Pool         
 104Taxi stand and bus stand, cycle and
rickshaw stand
 105Theatre, assembly or concert hall, dance
and music hall and such other place of
 106Truck terminal         
 107Vending Booth  
 108Vocational Training/
Technical Training Institute
109Watchman or Caretakers' Lodges 
 110Water Treatment Plant     
 111Weekly Market/ Informal Sector Unit         
 112Wholesale Trade         
 113Wireless transmitting and weather station,
Transmission Tower
 114Zoological park         


  1. All Existing non nuisance, non-polluting uses to continue in the following use zones:
     - Residential
     - Commercial
     - Industrial
     - Public/Semi-public
     - Transportation and Communication
     - Composite Use I
     - Composite Use II
    All existing non nuisance, non-polluting uses may be allowed to continue/discontinue after an application for special permission to the Authority in the following use zones:
     -     Recreational, Commercial, Public/ Semi Public & Green Belt
     -     Eco-sensitive/ Eco-Friendly.
     -    All notified forest, water bodies, rivers etc. are classified as Eco-Sensitive Zone. Also the entire other areas west of Gorchuk-Pamohi Road, South of National Highway bye-pass upto Deepar Beel shown in land use zoning plan are classified as Eco-Sensitive Zone where existing Govt. institutions will not be affected.
  2. To be permitted in commercial areas to be indicated in Industrial Use Zones in Local Area Plans/ Layout Plans
  3. In Residential use zone, existing uses to continue and new ones to come on special permission from the authority Also refer Annex I
  4. No further expansion of residential area
  5. In the New Town proposed Recreational Area
  6. Only Existing uses to continue
  7. Only those industries as listed in Annex I
  8. Permitted only in Heavy Industrial Zone
  9. Existing locations to continue
  10. Permitted only in Heavy Industrial Zone
  11. Permitted only in Heavy Industrial Zone
  12. *In commercial centres in industrial areas
  13. Parks, parking, circulation and utilities can be located in any of the use zones. In recreation and eco-sensitive zone, these would be permissible with special permission from the Authority.
  14. The following activities shall be permitted only in Eco-Friendly Zone and not in Eco-Sensitive Zone
    -    Tourism
    -    Socio-cultural activities
    -    Bungalow type construction
    -    Integrated Township
    -    Residential Dwelling Low Income Group
    Development of land would be permitted in Eco-Friendly Zone, if an integrated land development proposal is submitted. Such proposal should cover an area of more than 20 ha and should have obtained prior Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) clearance from competent authority with maximum coverage of 33% and maximum FAR of 150.
  15. To the maximum of 30 percent of the FAR is allowed
    n1      Maximum coverage of 25% and maximum FAR of 50 provided the area is not notified as water bodies forest etc
    n2    A roadside hotel designed primarily for motorists, typically having the rooms arranged in low blocks with parking directly outside with 25% coverage & 50 FAR. Provided area is not notified as water bodies, forest etc. & only on plots along NH & peripheral ring roads
    n3     In Green Belt it is allowed on N.H by pass and peripheral ring road as a high way amenity.
    n4     Maximum coverage of 25% and maximum FAR of 50 with Assam Type structure in areas not notified water bodied forest etc.
    n5    Maximum coverage of 40% and maximum FAR of 100 on the plot along National Highway and peripheral ring roads

Note: For interpretation of land use zoning and development control regulation Authority may constitute a committee of experts if such situation arises. The committee may also be given the task of elaborate and add on the above land use permissibility considering the circumstances that may come from time to time in the process of implementation of the plan for subsequent approval of Government.