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Government Of Assam Guwahati Development Department Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority

Mission Flood-Free Guwahati

Guwahati has been suffering from urban floods caused by water logging after heavy rainfall in its catchment area. The situations aggravates with the inflow of Meghalaya storm water that passes through the drainage system of Guwahati city and ultimately percolate to Brahmaputra either by gravity flow or mechanically with the help of pumping system. Although steps are being taken to mitigate the effects of and ultimately thwart the occurrence of such floods; what is urgently required is a comprehensive response mechanism which takes into account all emergency processes under one umbrella, and all stake-holders under one control. In this regard, it may be cited that the experience the world over is that a prompt, well-coordinated andeffective response to any disaster not only minimizesloss of life and property but also facilitates early recovery.

National Disaster Management Agency has developed and adopted the Incident Response System (IRS) for disaster management – a novel methodology based on the Incident Command System (ICS) of the United States.

GMDA Action against Mitigation of Floods in Guwahati

  • Implementation of Water Body (Preservation and Conservation) Act 2008 and development of water bodies in and around Guwahati city to increase the retention capacity has been taken up by GMDA which shall significantly address the urban flood mitigation.
  • GMDA is constructing alternate storm water drains for diverting the storm water away from the city to effectively minimize the water logging in the low lying areas of the city.
  • GMDA has also installed 18 Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) around Guwahati city in consultation with NESAC and funded by ASDMA.
  • GMDA has procured and installed 20 Auto priming MF Pumps to draw water from vulnerable inundated areas of Guwahati city. The pumps placement and operations are now looked after by GMC.
S. N. Name of Scheme Est. Amt
GMDA Machinery
engaged, if any
Development of Silsako Beel to increase
its storm water retention capacity with the
help of fleet of machineries for the year 2017-18
125.00 1. Amphibian Dredger,
Watermaster.- 1 Nos
2. Amphibious Excavator, JS-205 - 1 Nos
3. Speed Boat - 3 Nos
2 Desiltation and cleaning of
NBCC Drain for the year 2017-18
36.76 1. Barge Mounted Excavators,
Ex-70 – 2 Nos
3. Desiltation and cleaning of
Bondajan Beel by deploying of fleet of
machineries for the year 2017-18
36.00 1.Barge Mounted Excavators, Ex-70 – 1 No
4. Dredging for de-siltation and
cleaning & re-grading of Pamohi
Channel and NH-37 Drain
with the help of fleet of machineries for the year  2017-18
97.77 1. Amphibian Dredger, Big Float.- 1 No.
2.Amphibious Excavator, JS-205 – 1 No.
3. Barge Mounted Excavators, Ex-70 – 1 No
5. Desiltation & Cleaning of
Borsola Beel with the help of
fleet of machineries for the year 2017-18
32.03 Barge Mounted Excavators,
P-71 – 1 No (The excavator taken on hire Charged)

Other RCC Drainage Works under Mission Flood-Free Assam

S. N. Name of Work Estimated Amount
(Rs in Lakhs)
1 Construction of Noonmati Basin Drain 2014.00 (Revised) Completed
2 Raising of existing guard wall along both
sides of Bharalu River from Jonali to G.S. Road
53.79 Work Progress 90%
3. Extension of Noonmati Basin Drain up to
ASIDC point to Bamunimaidam
1969.86 Work Progress 50%
4. Construction of Concrete Silt trap with silt
removal arrangement as a pilot project at
river Bharalu Near ASTC Central Depot.
228.32 Tender process is completed.
5. Construction of RCC box storm water drain
from F.A.Ahmed Road side drain to
Silsako water body with cross culvert.
199.83 NIT floated
6. Construction of box drain for straightening
of Juripar Channel last left hand side bend
and construction of link drain from
F.A.Ahmed road side drain to Silsako Beel
with cross culvert (Phase-I).
95.66 NIT floated


Borsola Beel before restoration

Borsola Beel after restoration

Beel restoration