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Government Of Assam Guwahati Development Department Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority

Make Reservations in Parks


  • Citizens and organisations can hold their various events in the parks under GMDA.
  • Registration has to be done through GMDA with the required fees.
  • Organisers have to follow the rules of the park.


There are various parks of GMDA in GMA. Citizens can organise events in these parks after registration.

Eligibility Criteria:

Any Citizen or Organisation can apply.


For reserving a park, the person or the organisation concerned will have to make an application to the Chief Executive Officer, GMDA mentioning the following particulars:
1.    Name of event.
2.    Purpose of the event.
3.    Date of the event.
4.    Time of event.
5.    Tentative number of guests.
After receipt of the application, it is passed to the Park Committee to check the permissibility of the application. The decision of the park committee is then placed before the Chief Executive Officer, GMDA for approval. After the approval of the Chief Executive Officer, GMDA the event organizer is intimated with a approval letter mentioning the terms and conditions of the event and necessary fees to be paid in the cash counter of office of the Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) prior to commencement of the event.


The fees will depend on the event and will be made known on application.

How to apply:

The applicant shall submit the application on a plain sheet of paper or via email addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, GMDA.

Type of Service:

It is NOT an online service.

Whom to Contact:

Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority
3rd Floor, STATFED Building,
G.M.C.H. Road, Bhangagarh,
Ph- 0361-2529824, 2529650 (O)
Fax- 0361-2529991 (F)
Email : ceogmdaghy@gmail.com

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